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Our Performance Network


Access to the entire German advertising market: Our Performance Network expands the success of your campaign.

Reach out with quality

Our Performance Network connects to the BCN inventory and expands your audience to the entire German quality reach. We offer guarantees on a KPI basis – our range of services covers all KPIs from the upper to the lower funnel.

The benefits of our Performance Network

  • Guaranteed success: campaigns are billed exclusively based on defined success KPIs
  • Risk-free: 100% guaranteed results and fixed prices
  • Broad reach: access to the entire German quality reach
  • No wastage due to AI: contextual playout based on keywords and IAB categories as well as AI-supported, data-based targeting

Our quality promise

This is how we find the right users

Playout is based on defined keywords and only takes place on sites where these keywords can be found. In this way, users are confronted with the product at the exact moment when they are in the research phase – at the moment of truth.

Playout is only based on environments where the desired IAB categories can be found. 

Using data from third-party providers and the integration of our own pixels, we can (re-) target users who have qualified for the target group by visiting relevant environments or the customer site.

We guarantee all KPIs according to customer requirements and charge according to performance. Our media channels range from display and video/audio to the major platforms Amazon, Google Search, LinkedIn, and social – across all devices. To guarantee you a 360-degree approach, we also offer ATV/CTV and DOOH screens.