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Connected TV (CTV)


Your campaign on the big screen: Reach the right target group at the right time with our CTV offer!

Show your greatness with CTV

Maximum visibility, impressive images, a perfectly suitable environment? BCN Connected TV (CTV) makes it possible: We stream your commercials in a data-driven process to the internet-enabled televisions of your defined target group – via the manufacturer-owned streaming services SAMSUNG TV Plus, LG Channels, and Xiaomi Mi.

How CTV works – the facts

  • > 30 million impressions in four weeks
  • > 1.4 million hours of view time
  • > 200 channels in the DACH region
  • Additional channels available in other European countries
  • Channels for various topics such as news, sport & outdoor, lifestyle, entertainment, food, music, movies
  • All video content is available linear and on-demand

Your benefits with CTV from BCN

  • High VTR because the video ads are not skippable
  • Higher advertising acceptance, as only a few spots at a time
  • Video ads in a relaxed lean-back situation for high user attention
  • Maximum visibility on large screens
  • Programmatic can also be booked for CTV

A channel for every target group

Whether you want to reach sports enthusiasts, health-conscious people, or fans of movies and series, you’ll be sure to find what you are looking for in one of our seven channel categories. Simply use our channel bundles – or let us create an individual channel recommendation for you! 

Advertising opportunities

Non-skippable pre and midrolls

Your commercial is placed in the appropriate thematic environment through channel selection but can also be played across all channels on Connected TV. As CTV users only see a few commercials at a time, advertising acceptance is higher than with traditional linear television. In addition, your commercials can neither be skipped nor excluded by the use of ad blockers. 

> 30,000,000 impressions 
in 4 weeks across all platforms 

> 1,400,000 hours of view time

source: Logfiles 01.04-30.4.2023/own survey

30 M Impressions
1.4 M hours view time