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Attention-grabbing like articles and agile like ads: Advertorials are the attention-grabbing all-rounder of the media mix.

Advertising can be a good read

From service topics to shopping inspiration: Advertorials are a highly effective journalistic hybrid. With their editorial-style appearance and clear brand message, they even reach people who normally skip the pages of traditional advertising. Does your product need a little more explanation? No problem – there's room for it in the advertorial!

The five top benefits of native ads

  • Longer viewing times: Thanks to seamless integration into the editorial offerings, readers engage up to four times longer with advertorials than with standard advertising. (19.5 seconds for advertorials vs. 4.5 seconds for standard ads. Source: Eye-tracking analysis MMI: 2015–2017; unaided recall).
  • Highly memorable: Native ads show double the consumer ad recall compared with advertisements featuring clear branding. (38 percent for advertorials vs. 22 percent for standard ads. Source: Eye-tracking analysis MMI: 2015-2017; unaided recall).
  • Authentic appearance: Emotional, native stories which are relevant to your target audience are likeable and convincing.
  • Eye-catching messaging: Thanks to their editorial themingpresentation, advertorials are far more likely to stand out in the flood of information reaching viewers each day, which can include up to 10,000 ads.
  • Strong distinction: Brands can use advertorials to present their strengths and distinguish themselves more clearly from the competition.