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FREUNDIN is a girl-friend: "One who is honest with me. One who is critical and loving at the same time. One who also shares her concerns with me. One who is there for me. In every situation. FREUNDIN is the magazine for more WE in life." FREUNDIN is an advisor, confidante, problem solver, shopping companion, source of ideas, inspiration, entertainer and orientation guide.

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Main target audience

FREUNDIN readers are 46.0 years old on average, making it the youngest title in the competitive field. In terms of education, occupation and net household income, FREUNDIN is way out in front: 80% of FREUNDIN readers have attended secondary school or college/without studying. 79% of FREUNDIN readers are in training or employment. With an average HHNE of EUR 4,016, they have a high income.

(Source ma 2024 I, women)