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FÜR SIE is... for you! FÜR SIE is a traditional publication that I can trust.
FÜR SIE keeps readers informed without having to ride every trend wave and reflects real life, with all its facets.
FÜR SIE is approachable and caring... it is made for me.

FÜR SIE is like coming home.
It immerses the reader in a world that is familiar yet new and inspiring every time. Well-researched entertainment, guidance in everyday life, exciting stories, positive input, a zest for life and sometimes even a hug – FÜR SIE has it all!

FÜR SIE readers are self-confident and fun-loving women in their mid-30s who know what they want. Women who take time for themselves and enjoy it intensively. FÜR SIE readers are open-minded and enthusiastic about new things, provided they meet their expectations in terms of quality.


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Core Target Group

FÜR SIE readers are self-confident joyful women who know what they really want. Women who understand to take the ‚Time for myself‘ and who enjoy moments intensely. FÜR SIE readers are open minded, enthusiastic and eager for new ventures as long as their expectations in terms of quality standards are met. The FÜR SIE readers are women over the age of 35 from an above average income class combined with a higher intellectual background.

[Source readers/users per month: b4p 2023 I, brand reach cross media]